Drama X

Drama X
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Extract from 'Primal Howl'

Drama X

They want me to color my face

They want me to cut my hair

always create obstruction

never look beneath the surface

cauz you are always so smart

you are always, always so fine


I plan something else,

for me and the people I love

we needed more space

for feelings stronger than wall?

no more obsession, we don't need your alienation


I bleed for every song i do

I tear down my soul

and i give more, than my body


I don't need gold and diamonds

I don't even need to be one of yours

society created anxiety

I just gonna stay mishap

for all the people i loose

for each country that i crossed


I work for anybody

as I work for everybody

try to take care of everyone

try to be polite

but I'm a human being

and I do some mistake


I bleed, for every song I do

I tear down my soul

and I give more

than my body