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SpittalKeller 22 Septembre 2017 OFFENBURG

Das Quintett aus Frankreich stellt sich mit einer Roots-Mixtur zwischen Blues, World, Folk und Rock vor, mit einem Hauch Psychedelic, und interpretiert dies raumgreifend. Neben der stilistischen Vielfalt hört man auch zahlreiche Instrumente, angefangen bei der Würlitzer Orgel über eine Geige bis hin zu Kontrabass und Flöte. Das stärkste Argument für die seit 2012 aktive Band ist neben ihrer technischen Versiertheit ihr Feingefühl für das Songwriting, was sie auch bei ihrem 2. Album "Primal Howl" beweist. 

Soirée Européenne - Molodoi Strasbourg

Festival Wablurona - Allemagne

Parc des Expositions  de Mulhouse




 CONCERT en faveur d'Amnesty International le 11 juin 2016

Place de la Liberté de penser à STRASBOURG




<![CDATA[2015]]> Blind Alley Paris Alimentation Générale

<![CDATA[Octobre 2014]]> Résidence Strasbourg

Working with our friends from India ! It was a great pleasure to play our songs with the whole staff together !
News coming soon

En résidence avec nos amis Indiens ! Quel plaisir de jouer avec l'équipe au complet !

Merci à Leslie Seyler pour la photo

<![CDATA[Shanti Town]]> Shanti Town

To those who crawl stone drunk on their hands and knees to their drab house
To those who grow up, disturb society fall down early in the morning
To those who roam in desolation looking for something different
To those who think learn but follow the flow of a world sick and tired

To Those who have felt the power without having knowledge
To those who turn and turn around

To Those who seek the company and those who dream about loneliness
To me, dying, with my lungs full of boredom and disagreement
To those who throw up their junk dinner in a badly lighted blind alley
To him who has nothing more to say and flirts with inhuman thoughts
To Those who have felt the power without having knowledge
to those who turn and turn around

To those not afraid by death anymore, full of hate, without any faith
To she who prays to have time again to write and explain to her children
To all these tidy people with whom i would dream of speaking
all these tidy people who dream to talk with me
To masters and dogs , to moon and sun that I rarely see
To sick people and madness, lunatics, mental patients
To priest and doctors taking care of a world completely insane
To Priest and doctors taking care of a world completely insane
To those who have felt the power
to those who turn and turn around

<![CDATA[Drama X]]> Drama X

They want me to color my face

They want me to cut my hair

always create obstruction

never look beneath the surface

cauz you are always so smart

you are always, always so fine


I plan something else,

for me and the people I love

we needed more space

for feelings stronger than wall?

no more obsession, we don't need your alienation


I bleed for every song i do

I tear down my soul

and i give more, than my body


I don't need gold and diamonds

I don't even need to be one of yours

society created anxiety

I just gonna stay mishap

for all the people i loose

for each country that i crossed


I work for anybody

as I work for everybody

try to take care of everyone

try to be polite

but I'm a human being

and I do some mistake


I bleed, for every song I do

I tear down my soul

and I give more

than my body

<![CDATA[Juin 2014]]>  

Zone 51 Blind Alley fête de la musique



The skints - Blind Alley



Nous contacter pour plus d'infos :)


Pochette Primal Howl Blind Alley

<![CDATA[Mai 2014]]>  

affiche release pary blind alley
























Collecte réussi sur KISSKISSBANKBANK !!



<![CDATA[Mars 2014]]>  
Les dernières pistes sont dans la boite !

Cette fois nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler avec un orchestre, sous l'impulsion de notre altiste Karam, auteur de l'arrangement et chef d'orchestre :)

Un grand merci à Romain Muller pour la prise de son, et à chaque musicien pour son talent et son investissement ! :

Marie Boyelle à la flûte, Géraldine Marchal au Hautbois, Owen Hirstein au cor anglais, Justin Frieh à la clarinette et à la clarinette basse, Valentin Chiapello au violon, Pierre Arthemise à l'alto, Aurélie Diebold au violoncelle et Nicolas Klee à la contrebasse !

                                                                                                                                                                                          orchestre vents

orchestre cordes

Backstage du Clip de Battlefield avec Marc Linnhoff et Samten Norbu !Backstage clip

<![CDATA[Février 2014]]> Invitation au Millénium d'Haguenau